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Welcome to MicroFuzzy Inside

You want to know more about the company and the people at MicroFuzzy? Or you would even be interested in becoming a part of MicroFuzzy? Then you have reached the right section of this website.

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Why MicroFuzzy?

You are not sure why you should work with us? Well - here is some reasons:

  • Original Methods and Tools

    You can contribute your own innovative solutions, because we are continuously seeking and creating own, original tools and management methods, which can be implemented into our work standards. We put great emphasis on using the genuine solutions developed by our own teams.
  • Bringing knowledge into focus

    Working for MicroFuzzy, you will participate to training, conferences and workshops. You will be offered the best conditions for your personal and professional development.
  • Flextime

    You are not made for a 9-to-5 job? We care more about the actual results and less about how much time each employee spends at his/her desk. We trust our employees, we encourage them to work freely and enjoy our convivial work atmosphere, but we also expect them to work hard.
  • An office with an ambience

    You will find a workspace with a friendly and open atmosphere. At any time you can share ideas and experiences with your colleagues, making the teamwork as effective as possible. Our management style embraces an open-door culture, has a very flat hierarchy and an understanding for different cultures and values and respects this variety.
  • Competitive Salary

    You can expect a salary that is adequate to your role in the project and increases along with your professional development. In our teams all the effort you put into work is appropriately noticed. Commitment and aquiring new skills is always appreciated and will be rewarded.
  • Multicultural Environment

    The diversity of our people, their ideas and their unique perspectives inspire the innovation that ignites in everything we do. Broaden your horizons by working in a multicultural environment of more than 15 different nationalities and work with colleagues around the world.
  • Fun

    Who said you cannot have fun while working? MicroFuzzy cherishes your personal dedication and team spirit. This is why we try to offer you the best environment to really enjoy your time at work.

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